The Love of a Entrepreneur with his Start-up:- Free WiFi Pvt. Ltd.


It is an untold feeling which can’t be share or express in words, It is a hangover in front of which entrepreneur can’t see anything.

We take risk, we manage , we Innovate,  we create, we doesn’t have fear to loose,

we are having Vision and dissatisfaction with the present, we are Knowing and taking advantage of your unfair advantages, we are having  the ability to get people on board and add to the vision we are having flexibility to adapt, openness to feedback, and the ability to learn we are having Persistence and execution.

we are not psycho we are just having a goal to reach,

Yes We are entrepreneur’s.

who makes your life easy and comfortable to survive by his willingness to be on top/innovative.

The thing which roam around its eyes is his passion towards his idea, innovation, or enterprise.

for an entrepreneur his start up becomes a only option to survive, he can’t live without it.

his passion gives him a cold blow of air in hot summer days,

the fragrance of passion makes him awake any time, infact does not allow to sleep till the work not finished.

we work hard to achieve goals for which we didn’t see the hours of day, weeks of month, moths of years, what an entrepreneur think, start up is only lifeline to live.

In the world of entrepreneurs what we see is there are people of expertised in different fields working for only single goal which is to make there entreprise a biggest brand,

We doesn’t follow the people having money what we follow and find is moral support and motivation.

we face a lot of things as when we update “Started a Start up” got 2 likes 1 comment instead of people who update “Got a job in MNC” who got 100’s of likes and 100’s of comments on social media,

we take it as motivation to be a Founder of such MNC under which thousand’s of people works.

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Difference bet Free WiFi Pvt. Ltd. & other Free WiFi providers

Difference bet Free WiFi Pvt. Ltd. & others.jpg

Many cities have tried installing free public Wi-Fi, but it often didn’t work well enough to draw many users because speeds were slow, they were not able to Authenticate, Accounting, Authorise the user.

But  Free WiFi Pvt. Ltd. is Growing rapidly it is because we are having our own developed AAA (Authentication, Accounting, Authorise) server.

Which Authentic the user then authorise to surf internet if it is genuine and the accounting of the users is also maintained by us, that is the reason we are listed on WiKipedia (  as we are the only one using AAA server in India.

We are the safest Free Wifi Provider of the India as we are accounting  all the legal informations with privacy/confidentiality.

Thanks for supporting our venture,

please stay connected Feel free to surf Free


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Helping WiFi Users-Free WiFi Pvt.Ltd.


Helping WiFi Users-Free WiFi Pvt.Ltd.Today’s Costly and highly specified mobile phones are become challenge for the telecommunication companies as they are having a lot of applications and features which need a high speed and continued internet service,  due to which youth and device holders are turned up to WiFi from data.

It is due to high rates of internet plan and fluctuation in services, A Company named Free WiFi Pvt. Ltd. is comes forward to solve both of the listed problems.

Yes, you are getting me right.

Free Wifi Pvt. Ltd. is the company Providing Free high speed Wifi to the people,

Initially we are providing Free Wifi to our Borough so called Indore, and gradually it is spreading its aura from our town to other towns with a aim to make India Free WiFi.

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Solution-Free WiFi Pvt. Ltd.


free wifi zone

Fed up with Slow internet, Bad broadband network, High data pack plans .

Lace up your favorite running shoes, read the Free WiFi Pvt. Ltd.’s location list and visit  them fast, for using high speed  unlimited free WiFi.

Yeah, it’s true their is a company named Free WiFi Pvt. Ltd. in Indore city which is the only company having AAA (Authentication, Accounting, Authorization)  based server  which is as much safer to use that Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport is using our service.

Our Service is As much safe and trustful that at recent we are having more than 30,000+ users and 10,000+ per day clicks on our website.


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Aim- IM Free WiFi

It’s a whole new world of computing and connectivity experience. Wi-fi allows you to work on your laptop or mobile  from anywhere. You can retrieve files or presentations from the corporate network and browse the Net and send messages to colleagues from food court or mall..

This is wi-fi and is the future of Internet connectivity and telecommunications.

What are the benefits of wi-fi?

Home wi-fi networks can bring a whole new dimension to a family’s digital experience. Wi-Fi can make the home PC even more powerful and exciting. Think about it. With your TVs, computers, stereos, kitchen appliances and other electronic devices connected through wi-fi, your home can become a centre for your whole family to learn, play and communicate in a multimedia-rich, audio and visual manner—wirelessly!

For small businesses, wi-fi can mean connectivity between mobile salespeople, floor staff and back-end support departments.

Education can have immense benefits from wi-fi. Large campuses where both students and faculty members can access the WiFi and work from anywhere are presently driving the growth of wi-fi in India.

Students need a tech environment that maximises their productivity during the year. Typically they use wi-fi connectivity in open areas, for doing assignments, collaboration like discussion forums, chatting, e-mails and knowledge sharing, net browsing, using online facilities.

So how do u feel,

By the way, its not imagination now.

A start up of some young minds of Indore City named Free WiFi is working on this for you for betterment of our future and our country’s future too.

As it is a start up recently we are doing it on a small scale by  having a aim in mind to provide free wifi throughout the world.

To know more about our team what we do, how we do etc.

Visit us:-

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Growth:- IM Free WiFi

promotion by  IM Free Wifi


You are in Indore on business or tour and you have brought along your Wi-Fi enabled Phone, PDA or Laptop. As you wait to board your flight at the airport, you wish you could work on your spreadsheet or chit chat with friends. You are sipping on coffee at an Indore’s coffee shop and you wish you could check your email. At your hotel room, you wish you can download a few songs or play an online game. You no longer have to wish for wireless internet in Indore, as Wi-Fi is no longer a dream, but a reality in Indore.

Wi-Fi though limited to metro cities in India, has been deployed in indore too, A Indore based startup Free WiFi Pvt. Ltd. is Providing Free Wifi at  coffee shops, airports, Squares, public places, Food Streets of town  for the last couple of years. In 2010, the city of Mysore became the first Wi-Fi enabled city in India, with hotspots covering the entire city and surrounding villages. and from 2013  the Indore city is following its footprints, the young guns of indore borough having a dream in mind too provide Free Wi-Fi throughout the cities of india. And recently the most common places of borough are free wifi.

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Multi Channel Marketing-Free WiFi Pvt. Ltd.

digital-marketing (2)

Effective multichannel marketing is not only a significant challenge, but also a tremendous opportunity. These events can help you understand how integration works and how to plan, execute and measure multi channel marketing campaigns.

for better experience of visual, audible, pictorial etc advertisement please contact IM Free WiFi/Free WiFi Pvt. Ltd.

We know how to showcase your brand to people as we are having a well trained and experienced team of branding, Promotion and Advertisement

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