DNA page 3We are proud to introduce you the free Wi-Fi zone in Indore!

After Surveying Indore population with the sample of size selected 40 respondents, we have got this information that getting Uninterrupted Internet Connection (UIC) is a cry of Indore Netizens=(Internet+Citizen).

IM Free WiFi (Free Wifi pvt ltd) Is an Organization which have taken this challenge to minimize the problem of accessing “Uninterrupted Internet Connection (UIC)”.

To add on this flavour,we are bringing it to Indorians free!

Facilities for the Indore Netizens:-

1.Free Wi-fi Zones.

2.Free UIC (Uninterrupted Internet Connection) i.e.Unlimited Download/Upload and accessibility to social network.

3. High Speed bandwidth FREE.

4.Offers and Coupons from Innovative Marketing

5.Links to the education specific Web links

6.Links to various competitive exams, job vacancies, concerts, competitions

7.On demand webinars, video lectures and subject specific learning tools

8.Information about Indore’s happening events, Latest News and many more exciting things.

For more details Please log on to www.imfreewifi.com 

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