Digital marketing

You know why WhatsApp, Facebook and LinkedIn had become billion dollar ventures in a short time, the ventures needed to be different with innovative ideas and they are. One could step up to next level by making use of digital marketing by adopting low-cost business-to-business and business-to-customer strategies which the are doing so fluently.

There are some branding tips besides traditional mode publicity through advertisements and billboard one should understand that the digital route was extremely effective. They are just having one’s own website for absolutely effective hygiene factor by spending few thousands. One should have mail ID and business I’D, focus on customers needed for messaging, picking up strength, positioning as top leader through blogs, newsletters, quora and social media.


‘Be visible’

Asking the entrepreneurs to be visible, Their actions should speak louder than words. They should gain expertise in smart marketing by studying the requirements and psyche of the customers.

Slicing and dicing are important as part of digital marketing initiatives.

Referring to engagement with customers, Feedback factor and tracking down both inbound and outbound factors through search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine market (SEM) are very important. He also explained about the role of holding web conferences. APCCIF vice-president G. Sambasiva Rao said business networking was important for the success of SMEs to make an impact in a highly competitive environment.


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