India is country of 131 billion people in which 402 million Internet users by December 2015.

The Indian people are used to for social websites according to research these are the 5 websites and the engagement percentage:-

1). Facebook is having 51.8%

2). Yahoo is having 51.6%

3). YouTube is having 38.7%

4). BlogSpot is having 29.1%

  1. Orkut is having 24%

Beyond that 28% of internet users get booked online, and 47% of the classified business is online.       The other thing is that 50% of music revenues in India comes from mobile downloads. The E-commerce companies are recording revenues in the region of a crore a day- rivaling retail brands that are around for more than 10 years.

The Indians use Different Media.

Time spent online at 21 hours per month low compared to global benchmarks, Time spent online has a significant relationship with ad spends on Internet and is expected to aid growth of online advertising besides directly benefitting retail, financial services and ecommerce industries.

At recent the Digital marketing is having a business of 7000 crore it is showing that the brands are getting their targeted customers, or having a great response.

The market of Digital Marketing is highly growing medium and it becomes 1st in all marketing mediums.

(Source: – BCG- The internet’s new billion)


Ø  Lead Generation

Ø  Key Insights Obtained for Free

Ø  Reach is Better, More Targeted – Especially for Youth Oriented Brands

Ø  Quick, Highly Cost Effective and Easily Measurable

Ø  Highly Interactive, Engaging Platform

The benefits to Display Advertising on our platform are used for more top of the funnel activities such as brand awareness.

Amongst the top 1000 marketers surveyed in India, the following happens to be the order of priority for digital marketing –

  • Brand Website
  • Campaign Microsite
  • Display Ads 62% of the existing marketers using digital medium and 51% already employ Display and Rich Media Ads respectively

(Source – Webchutney Digital Media Outlook 2010 Report)

Why to Use our Advertising medium?

Ø  Efficient Tool for Improving Brand Awareness, Engagement, Top of Mind Recall

Ø  Better Targeting Capabilities than any form of traditional media

Ø  Highly Interactive and Experiential Advertising is also possible

Ø  Continuous tracking of campaign performance to measure metrics such as impressions, clicks and conversions that helps calculate the ROI


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