The Love of a Entrepreneur with his Start-up:- Free WiFi Pvt. Ltd.


It is an untold feeling which can’t be share or express in words, It is a hangover in front of which entrepreneur can’t see anything.

We take risk, we manage , we Innovate,  we create, we doesn’t have fear to loose,

we are having Vision and dissatisfaction with the present, we are Knowing and taking advantage of your unfair advantages, we are having  the ability to get people on board and add to the vision we are having flexibility to adapt, openness to feedback, and the ability to learn we are having Persistence and execution.

we are not psycho we are just having a goal to reach,

Yes We are entrepreneur’s.

who makes your life easy and comfortable to survive by his willingness to be on top/innovative.

The thing which roam around its eyes is his passion towards his idea, innovation, or enterprise.

for an entrepreneur his start up becomes a only option to survive, he can’t live without it.

his passion gives him a cold blow of air in hot summer days,

the fragrance of passion makes him awake any time, infact does not allow to sleep till the work not finished.

we work hard to achieve goals for which we didn’t see the hours of day, weeks of month, moths of years, what an entrepreneur think, start up is only lifeline to live.

In the world of entrepreneurs what we see is there are people of expertised in different fields working for only single goal which is to make there entreprise a biggest brand,

We doesn’t follow the people having money what we follow and find is moral support and motivation.

we face a lot of things as when we update “Started a Start up” got 2 likes 1 comment instead of people who update “Got a job in MNC” who got 100’s of likes and 100’s of comments on social media,

we take it as motivation to be a Founder of such MNC under which thousand’s of people works.

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