Aim- IM Free WiFi

It’s a whole new world of computing and connectivity experience. Wi-fi allows you to work on your laptop or mobile  from anywhere. You can retrieve files or presentations from the corporate network and browse the Net and send messages to colleagues from food court or mall..

This is wi-fi and is the future of Internet connectivity and telecommunications.

What are the benefits of wi-fi?

Home wi-fi networks can bring a whole new dimension to a family’s digital experience. Wi-Fi can make the home PC even more powerful and exciting. Think about it. With your TVs, computers, stereos, kitchen appliances and other electronic devices connected through wi-fi, your home can become a centre for your whole family to learn, play and communicate in a multimedia-rich, audio and visual manner—wirelessly!

For small businesses, wi-fi can mean connectivity between mobile salespeople, floor staff and back-end support departments.

Education can have immense benefits from wi-fi. Large campuses where both students and faculty members can access the WiFi and work from anywhere are presently driving the growth of wi-fi in India.

Students need a tech environment that maximises their productivity during the year. Typically they use wi-fi connectivity in open areas, for doing assignments, collaboration like discussion forums, chatting, e-mails and knowledge sharing, net browsing, using online facilities.

So how do u feel,

By the way, its not imagination now.

A start up of some young minds of Indore City named Free WiFi is working on this for you for betterment of our future and our country’s future too.

As it is a start up recently we are doing it on a small scale by  having a aim in mind to provide free wifi throughout the world.

To know more about our team what we do, how we do etc.

Visit us:-

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