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You are in Indore on business or tour and you have brought along your Wi-Fi enabled Phone, PDA or Laptop. As you wait to board your flight at the airport, you wish you could work on your spreadsheet or chit chat with friends. You are sipping on coffee at an Indore’s coffee shop and you wish you could check your email. At your hotel room, you wish you can download a few songs or play an online game. You no longer have to wish for wireless internet in Indore, as Wi-Fi is no longer a dream, but a reality in Indore.

Wi-Fi though limited to metro cities in India, has been deployed in indore too, A Indore based startup Free WiFi Pvt. Ltd. is Providing Free Wifi at  coffee shops, airports, Squares, public places, Food Streets of town  for the last couple of years. In 2010, the city of Mysore became the first Wi-Fi enabled city in India, with hotspots covering the entire city and surrounding villages. and from 2013  the Indore city is following its footprints, the young guns of indore borough having a dream in mind too provide Free Wi-Fi throughout the cities of india. And recently the most common places of borough are free wifi.

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