IM Free WiFi aims to make access to the Internet free and easy for millions of people across the India.  The IM Free WiFi hotspots are working since a long time and people are supporting it as they are getting free wifi at our hotspots.

In a nutshell, the IM Free WiFi is trying that free WiFi be extended to nearly every metropolitan area in the States of the Country, along with “many rural areas,”.

We Really want Thanks to the rise of  mobile messaging services like WhatsApp, hike and Wechat, Messenger, which use the Internet to send free text messages. Google has said publicly that mass free WiFi would spark an explosion in innovation. Of course it is also leading to a bigger financial opportunity by selling ads, both through search or in other innovative ways as IM Free WiFi is Displaying. Just imagine what faster, nationwide WiFi could mean for live broadcasts online, via Google Hangouts, which could include nationwide ads that are “televised” over that the Internet to tablets and smartphones if India gone free WiFi with IM Free WiFi.

Now the Software Companies are diverting towards Internet Calling like whatsapp, hike etc “We shouldn’t have to spend the outrageous amounts we have to spend today, and we shouldn’t be limited in the user experience that we’re limited to.

Some of Municipal Wi-Fi projects (Ludhiana Municipal Corporation), which aim to blanket entire city  in wireless signals, and started at sarabha market for trial with IM Free WiFi. And appreciated us for a well-managed Wi-Fi network to serve free wifi to  hundreds of  people.


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