Free WiFi at Indore Malls; integrating mobile in unique ways to enhance the shopping experience

Free Wifi at Malls

Both stores and customers are getting benefit from the Mall of indore recent Wi-Fi integration.

Have you ever used your smartphone while shopping to compare prices or learn more about a particular product? The answer is probably yes. For many consumers, smartphones have become a trusted shopping companion. Mobile devices allow easy access to customer reviews and additional product specs to help shoppers make more informed buying decisions. They also let price-conscious customers check online to see if they can get a better deal on their desired item.

The showrooming trend has been a source of frustration for many brick and mortar retailers that have lost business to e-commerce sites, but other local stores have embraced the concept. To help keep their customers shopping in-store, many retailers are integrating mobile in unique ways to enhance the shopping experience. Recently, some of the most popular malls in the borough has added Wi-Fi to help improve their customer service and support retailers’ mobile goals. Here’s the Wi-Fi integration is a game changer for the Malls of borough.

To help drive sales and enhance the guest experience, the C21 Mall  has recently added free Wi-Fi for its customers. Many other malls in the city Also added IM Free WiFi service to improve their footfalls too ,

This will also help support retailers mobile marketing efforts.

Integration opens up many doors for retailers

The integration opens up many doors for retailers in the malls that may be interested in using the mobile channel to connect with potential customers. Unlimited Wi-Fi access allows potential customers to use their smartphones freely while shopping, with no worries about burning through their 3G or 4G data. The mall also plans to feature special promotions and event announcements for customers via their mobile site.

Not only does Wi-Fi integration make sense for shoppers, it also has the potential to enhance the entertainment aspects of the popular mall for its guests. It will be interesting to see how some of the Malls of Indore most popular entertainment venues, to improve engagement and interactivity.

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