“Growth of Internet Users”-IM Free WiFi


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In this Era of technology, people are talking about Digital India and Smart City. Listening from  the group of youngsters about Digital India and Smart City is a normal now. People wants their city to be listed on the India’s smart city list. They are having various ideas to make their city better but they are unable to share their ideas with the government.

In the way of making city smarter, we need to make Smart Citizens First. People are trying to being smart; they are having mobile gadgets with them. But, this is an era of inflation. The Connectivity mediums are too expensive now. They need these mediums to study and learn many things.

The Medium is “Internet”. Internet can be a good teacher. Youngsters and students are using internet for developing their skills. Internet helps them to be socially connected. They are sharing their views/thoughts on every topic, which is very good for their future. They are connecting to the people having same mindsets. They are learning the things globally. They are aware about the things happening all around the world. There are various E-Commerce Websites available on internet. E-Commerce is giving various options to buy things more than any store. They prefer to buy online.

They need to connect with the government. They need to know about all the policies of government to make their life easy. All the things are linked from Human Being to internet. People are eating internet like anything & this food is going to be very expensive in some years.

We are trying to serve some food free of cost to the people. We are trying to connect people to our network by providing Free Internet. It is an independent internet, working for the Net Neutrality in India. We are trying to make people more literate by INDEPENDENT INTERNET access.

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