Growth of IM Free WiFi

IM Free Wifi GrowthThese days, we aren’t just accessing data more often, we’re accessing more of it, more of the time, and the “always on” lifestyle requires a constant shroud of Wi-Fi coverage to follow us wherever we go.

The wireless networks of our cities will have to be robust enough to handle huge amounts of data on the one hand or many small bursts of bits-and-bytes of data on the other. Cities across the world are struggling to come up with a solution to providing reliable or free public Wi-Fi to meet these new consumer and urban demands, and many — like Taiwan, Paris, Tel Aviv, Perth and now Indore to name just a few — have developed and implemented free Wi-Fi networks to make the urban experience more enjoyable for both tourists and residents. Major global internet service providers like Comcast, Fon and Liberty Global had started to implement this kind of home network partitioning, splitting off some of the unused private Wi-Fi to create a public network of community hotspots, With a aim of providing Free WiFi, new concept and own developed technology  IM Free WiFi is doing in Indore. These company is providing Free Wifi throughout the borough, And monetizing it too. lot of MNC’s and industries are trying to do it in India but IM Free WiFi Is only One  Start-up in India which is doing so.

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