Free WiFi Pvt. Ltd.

As all companies, Startups, Government noticing that internet is taken place as a basic need for mankind, it became impossible to survive without internet a single day,think if you get free wifi when you’re walking on street,Shopping on mall, traveling by bus or train, having a meal at food zones. it is a real time saver for travelers who can pop in such familiar places and can quickly check the mail, post in social media or get their work done. All that sounds real nice and comfortable, yeah the thing which you are Assuming to be was imagined by us when we were pursuing engineering and now we are entrepreneurs, Our start up is IM Free Wi-Fi, Free WiFi Pvt. Ltd. ( Connects free for happiness) yes it is true we connects you throughout the world with free internet, to surf free WiFi you don’t need to purchase any food or ticket, you have to do is:-

1). Visit your nearby IM Free WiFi Hotspot

2). Turn on your Wi-Fi

3). Connect with IM Free WiFi

4). Login if you Are already Registered or Sign up if trying First time And enjoy high     speed free Wi-Fi.


For More Details Please Visit




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