How to use IM Free WiFi

Free internet is becoming a norm. Visitors expect free Wi-Fi access in Public Places, Airports, Railway stations, Hotels.

Uninterrupted internet connection and increasing tariffs of internet voucher is a cry of Indians.

Innovative Marketing is an organization which has taken up this challenge to minimize the problem of accessing “Uninterrupted Internet Connection” (UIC). To add on this flavour, we are bringing it for free!

We are providing Free WiFi at Treasure Island mall, Bhawarkua sq., Treasure Fantasy and also has provided at 56 dukan.

We are having more than 27,000 logins, more than 15,94,948 hits in just 4 months.

For Free Wi-Fi
from 18, 30, 00,000 results on google
we are on top

We secured the position in TOP 25 start-ups all over India and received certificate of commendation from TATA & National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) on 31st Jan 2015


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