TATA First Dot

Secured the position in TOP 25 start-ups all over
India and received certificate of commendation from
TATA & National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN)
You may read only one name on certificate but the
people who deserve this are Anjali Nagdev for
shaping up this stupid idea into a successful
business model, Akshay for doing all day&night
24X7 the work to implement my thoughts and
words into reality, I know Akshay you also have
received the same certificate but still , people
also call Akshay as my second girlfriend!! Don’t ask
about the first one
A very BIG THANKS to the most important part of
this achievement is “THE TEAM”, my TEAM
It was never possible without you guys- Shivam
Shukla, Sharique Khan , Sunil Chouhan , Vikas
Yadav , Dikshant Tiwari , Sonu Sharma, Prasad
Laghate and my bro Kuldeep Joshi
You all guys believed in me and did whatever I
couldn’t expect even though, I can’t say thanks, it is
too small.
Sometime you didn’t sleep the whole night,
sometime you woke up and paste our pamphlets
early in the morning at 4 am, even climb on the
tower at 7th floor. You guys are amazing and I am
dying to return your favor to me.
If you have energy and you have goal but you need
a path to achieve that goal— The Mentor; Thanks
Jitendra sir for guiding us, showing us the correct
path you worked as a catalyst for our venture.
And also the first dot of our entrepreneurial life,
Marlina mam. You came in our college and
introduced an amazing platform to become a job
creator then a job seeker.. !
Thanks Mam , Thanks NEN
–Save the BEST for the Last–
The first person who deserve all these achievements
of my life, who are the sole responsible for each of
my Breath, who never ask for tagging their name in
any appreciation, who are always behind me to
support me in my failures, have always Faith and
Trust in me, in my decisions, who allowed me to
play with my CAREER, the Creator of my Life, my
Mom & Dad—Thank you very much..
# imfreewifi # innovativemarketing # nen # tatafirstdot
# freewifi #imfreewifi.com —
Anshul Dubey
IM Free WiFi


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