Imfreewifi customer service

If you have anything less than exceptional
customer service in your business, you’re
wasting the time of, creating extra work for
and frustrating your frontline people, other
staff, managers and yourself—and that’s
poor management.
Here’s how customer service training
happens in most businesses. With the
best of intentions, the business owner has
a “rah rah” meeting about customer
service, and the service improves for a few
weeks, and then, without reminders,
you’re back where you started. The
reminders don’t come because you’re a
busy business owner and you have lots of
other things to do. In addition, it’s likely
you can’t understand why people don’t
always do what they’re supposed to.
So what can business owners do to
improve their customer service? It’s a
two-step process:
1. Train your entire team to deliver
exceptional customer service.
2. Consistently reinforce your customer
service expectations with your team.
To start, your entire team needs to get
trained with your exceptional customer
service expectations. This is the “rah rah”
training I talked about above. But it can’t
stop there. You need to consistently and
persistently reinforce those expectations.
When you have your entire team trained
and you’re consistently reminding them of
your customer service expectations, you
need to make sure every new employee
(team member) gets the same initial
customer service training that your entire
team received.
The best thing you can do to show every
new employee your commitment to
customer service is to train them about
your customer service expectations
immediately. After your new team member
fills out the required government
employment forms, what do they do? In
most businesses, it’s not customer
service training, but it should be. #innovativemarketing #freewifiinindore


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