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Quit your job to take a better paying
position? Definitely. Quit your job for a
great opportunity? Absolutely.
But there are a lot more reasons to quit
your job (once you have something else
lined up, of course.) And they all fall under
one main category:
Life’s too short.
Life’s too short to go home every day
feeling unfulfilled. Life’s too short to work
for a terrible boss. Life’s too short to go
home every day feeling taken for granted,
feeling taken less than seriously, or
feeling taken advantage of.
Life’s short to not be as happy as you can
Say your grown daughter called and said,
“I hate my job. I’m bored, frustrated, and
feel like I’m going nowhere.” Wouldn’t you
tell her to look for another job?
Shouldn’t you follow the same advice?
Here are reasons to stop being miserable
and start looking for something better:
1. Your input is disregarded… or
even not wanted.
2. You get criticized publicly.
3. You never hear the word,
4. Your boss manages up, not
5. You feel like you have no
6. You feel like a number.
7. You aren’t even mildly excited
to go to work.
8. You can’t see a future.
9. You don’t think you can do
anything else.
#innovativemarketing #freewifiinindore #imfreewifi.com


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