Unforgateble moments

Best moments of innovative marketing team.
It was the moment of our starting..
When Akshay sir call me to inform that “friends come to my home
I have a surprise for u all”, so i call all of my team to gather at Akshay sir’s home…
As it was plan of Akshay sir and Anshul sir to give us a surprise when he completed our server and we were ready to launch it..
so Anshul sir got the party bombs also..
And before we reach there Anshul sir had already placed hidden camera for taking out our reactions and expressions by getting news so when we reached there. Akshay sir told us bhai log mubarak ho hmara server complete ho gya now we are ready to launch and Anshul sir try to blast bomb but it was stucked so he took another and tried to blast it again but that was also stucked, so Shivam pick that bomb and try to blast and it repulsed fire towards his hand…
And suddenly all start laughing and that whole movement was recorded…



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